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Sponsored by Bill Gates! Successful research and development of female monthly contraceptives: will enter human testing

      On December 4, according to foreign media reports, Lyndra Biomedical Co., Ltd. of the United States announced that it has successfully developed a female monthly contraceptive and has completed animal experiments.

      This medicine is specially designed for people who use oral contraceptives. It is in the shape of a six-pointed star and is larger than ordinary pills. Once swallowed, the pills will stay in the stomach for several weeks and slowly release the contraceptive hormones.


      When the work is completed, it will be decomposed and excreted from the body without affecting the digestion of food during the period.

      Anatole, head of the charity Brook, said that in theory, monthly oral contraceptives are more effective than daily oral contraceptives, but a sufficient dose is needed to suppress ovulation.

      This biomedical company, called Lyndra, has a research and development team that includes researchers from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, sponsored by the Bill Gates Foundation. The research has been published in the "Journal of Translational Medicine", and the team will conduct human experiments in the near future.

      Studies have shown that nearly half of women who use contraceptives will take the wrong amount or at the wrong time, which reduces the effective rate of contraceptives from 99% to 91%. However, taking medicines this month can well control the amount and time of the medicines, and effectively avoid the occurrence of accidental risks.


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