Biomedicine Innovative Technology Cross-border Investment
The company focuses on the R&D and commercialization of related new drugs in the field of cancer treatment, and has obtained 6 clinical phase II and 2 clinical phase I.
The company focuses on multi-omics research such as disease genomics, proteomics and metabolomics, and provides doctors, patients, and pharmaceutical companies with a “trinity” precision medicine overall solution from R&D, scientific research to clinical practice.
Leader in computer-assisted radiotherapy With artificial intelligence technology as the core, a computer-aided radiotherapy tool for the whole process in the field of tumor radiotherapy is developed. At present, have developed radiotherapy specialist OIS, radiotherapy target automatic delineating system and radiotherapy automatic planning system. OIS System has been commercialized, automated mapping system is close to commercialization, and automated planning system is in clinical trial.
An analytical diagnostic method based on Padlock Probe rolling-circle amplification and FISH. In situ qualitative and quantitative detection of gene mutations can be performed at the single-cell level Currently available for lung cancer and thyroid cancer. EGFR Mutation Kit and RET / NTRK fusion mutation kit provide accurate typing and prognostic information for lung cancer and thyroid cancer patients Optimizing patient care.
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