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Cross-border Investment
Ventus Therapeutics
A new drug discovery company based on structural biology was originally founded by Academician Wu Hao of Harvard University and later merged with Ventus to complete the B round of 100 million US dollars in financing. Investors include Versant Ventures, RA Capital Management, BVF Partners L.P., Casdin Capital, Cormorant Asset Management, Fonds de solidarité FTQ, GV, Alexandria Venture Investments.
Lyndra Thetuputics
Oral, ultra-long-acting, sustained-release drug delivery technology research and development company, technology comes from Professor Robert Langer of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Mellitus LLC.
A company based on GCD59 diabetes detection and monitoring technology, the technology comes from Harvard University.
C2Y Therapeutics Inc.
A R&D company that targets specific CAR-T and bispecific antibody technologies that target nucleophosprotein mutations (NPM1c). The technology comes from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
NewStem Biotechnologies Inc.
Use advanced somatic cell nuclear transfer to obtain embryonic stem cells (SCNT-ESCs) to establish human pluripotent cell lines for autologous and allogeneic regenerative medicine and cell therapy. The technology comes from Harvard University.
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