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MIT experts create a new company to challenge the oral drug delivery system





管理团队:联合创始人之一为Robert Langer教授,Amy Schulman女士任首席执行官


Recently, the biotechnology company Lyndra announced that it has raised US$23 million in a series A financing led by Polaris Partners. Other investment institutions are Quark Venture, GF Securities, Yonghua Capital, Healthlink Capital, Partners Healthcare , Suffolk Equity, etc. The company's new oral drug delivery platform has the characteristics of improving treatment effects and reducing side effects to greatly change patient care and save unnecessary costs for patients and the medical system.


Lyndra's proprietary technology is the first ultra-long-acting, sustained-release oral formulation system. Lyndra's system can make each oral capsule linearly and slowly release small molecule and peptide drugs for up to 7 days or more. In addition to improving patient health outcomes by improving compliance, the formulation system developed by Lyndra also provides a unique local gastrointestinal delivery method. The sustained and stable pharmacokinetic characteristics are expected to significantly reduce side effects. The technology was developed and designed by the laboratory of Professor Robert Langer of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with Dr. Giovanni Traverso and Dr. Andrew Bellinger as the main participants. "Science Translational Medicine" and many other well-known international journals.

Lyndra will use the raised funds to further develop its lead candidate product projects and increase the corresponding manufacturing capabilities. The company will begin human trials this year. At the same time, Lyndra is developing other Lyndra formulations for pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners.


▲Professor Robert Langer, co-founder of Lyndra (Image source: Wikipedia)

The company’s co-founder, Professor Robert Langer, said: “Lyndra’s ultra-long-release drug delivery platform was originally used in large-scale drug management campaigns in developing countries. It is particularly powerful because it can provide patients with a wide range of indications and compounds. The number of patients benefiting from this technology is almost incalculable. Since the establishment of the company, 5 members of our laboratory have joined Lyndra because they are committed to bringing this technology to patients. This entrepreneurial passion and potential The effective combination that benefits a large number of patients is what makes Lyndra special."


▲Ms. Amy Schulman, CEO of Lyndra (Image source: Lyndra official website)

Ms. Amy Schulman, the CEO and co-founder of Lyndra, also emphasized the potential impact of Lyndra: “In developed countries, about 50% of patients do not follow doctor’s orders. Taking US data as an example, this has resulted in an avoidable 100 billion yuan. The cost of hospitalization in US dollars. This is unfortunate and inefficient. We believe that our technology can effectively help patients manage their health: We hope that the Lyndra platform can improve patients’ stereotypes about taking medications and how caregivers manage medications. Make patients and care It’s easier for people to take medication, while improving efficacy, changing the existing model of oral administration and compliance. This financing and the excellent team we are forming will enable us to enter the clinical trial phase in the short term and begin to bring this wonderful Wish becomes reality."


[1] Massachusetts’ Lyndra Nabs $23 Million as It Plans to Start Clinical Trials This Year

[2] Lyndra, Inc. Raises $23 Million in Series A Financing to Advance Ultra-Long Acting Oral Therapeutic Delivery

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