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Ventus completes US$100 million in Series B financing, and Academician Wu Hao serves as Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee

       On April 8, 2021, Waltham, Massachusetts and Montreal, the biotechnology company Ventus Therapeutics, Inc. announced the completion of a US$100 million Series B financing. The company uses drug design based on rational structure to find high value and difficult Small molecule drugs to achieve the goal, financing led by RA Capital Management, including the participation of selected groups such as BVF Partners LP, Casdin Capital, Cormorant Asset Management, Fondas desolidarité FTQ and Alexandria Venture Investments. Founding investor Versant Ventures and existing investor GV (previously known as Google Ventures) also participated in this round of financing. (On May 6, 2020, the company completed a US$60 million Series A financing. The previous round A press release included Academician Shao Feng as an advisor. Now Shao Feng has established Yanming Biology in Beijing. Currently, there is no Academician Shao Feng on the Ventus official website. Xinrui|Structural Immunology Company has raised US$60 million, and academicians Wu Hao and Academician Shao Feng are among the great scientists!

       Dr. Marcelo Bigal, President and CEO of Ventus, said: "The support of strong cross-investors will enable Ventus to enter the next stage of development as we will build resources to utilize the full potential of our platform and product line." "In the past. In the past twelve months, we have made rapid and substantial progress, including the emergence of the ReSOLVE™ platform and the expansion of our product line. Ventus is on an exciting growth trajectory because we will continue to release those difficult to achieve high A value target. In the past and to improve our leading products for patients suffering from devastating diseases."

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